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The composition acts according to four principles of action.

BY A MECHANICAL ACTION: The composition is poured directly into the heart of the palm tree to the limit of the overflow or injected directly into the trunk. It quickly colonizes the galleries excavated by the larvae and comes in contact with them. Because of its viscous consistency, it pass very slowly through the palm tissues and remains in the center of the apical bud or inside the trunk for a long time (precisely where the larvae are).


BY AN INSECTICIDAL ACTION: The insecticidal substances acting in synergy with the palm tree, kills all larvae, adults and pupae which enter in contact with the product. It push some of those located nearby an exit to go  out of the palm tree. Some die before they get out and the others soon after they leave.


BY A FUNGICIDAL ACTION: This composition cleans the galleries full of excrements of these larvae and also containing the decomposing bodies of the larvae killed by the treatment.

These excrements often contribute to the development of various pathogenic fungi (eg. Gliocladium known as pink rot) that are harmful to the apical bud and meristem of palms.

During the treatment, some larvae do not have time to leave the palm tree and die inside. Their bodies decompose and it often happens that a powdery pink mold develops inside the stipe then on all the palms.
The first signs are very little visible. If it is not detected from the beginning, the infection then leads to the death of the palm tree in less than three weeks.

At an advanced stage, only treatment with Palmrea X1 can save the palm tree.

BY A REPULSIVE ACTIONSome ingredients are intended to reproduce at best the Terpenes naturally produced by certain palm trees (Trithrinax campestris, Butia yatay,...) to repel or control the attacks of the Paysandisia archon in Argentina.

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