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Xavier is a collection palm specialist for many years, who has gained tremendous experience during trips to Central America, South America, Africa, Asia.

He is the founder and manager of a nursery specializing in the sale, care and treatment of exotic plants. He holds the Certiphyto and an authorization for the surveillance, the operations of eradication of the CRP and the application of preventive treatments. Very involved in associations and specialized forums, he maintains excellent relations with very large producers and distributors of ornamental palms as well as with palm scientists.

He is the inventor of palm pest control Palmrea X1 and the R&D Director of the company.


In addition to a scientific background, he graduated with a Marketing Degree and a Master of Business Administration (EAD Paris).

Entomologist, passionate about insects and palm trees. Founder and manager of Sierra Entomology from 1998 to 2013, a company specialized in the research and international trade of insects for scientific purposes.

He contributed to the improvement of the efficiency of the product through his knowledge on anatomy and behavior of the parasitic insects. Patrick is the CEO of Palmrea SAS.

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Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (Paris) in international trade flows and specialized with a Master in Erasmus (Rotterdam).

With over 20 years expertise in sales and marketing for the magnetic industry, he is now in charge of the international development strategy of Palmrea X1.

Prince Salman AL SABAAN

After graduating from Houston University, Salman uses his corporate and diplomatic skills to enhance business opportunities and excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He is in charge of the development of PALMREA in the Middle East.

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