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Palmrea SAS is a French biotech company created in 2019 through the initial collaboration of Xavier Lorrino, a reknown palm specialist, and Patrick Folschveiller, an eminent entomologist who spent 20 years studying insects arround the world.

Their combined knowledge and seven years of research helped them create the perfect formula to eradicate the infestation of Paysandisia archon and Rhynchophorus ferrugineus in record time (12 to 48 hours based on the size of the tree) : Palmrea X1.

Palmrea X1 is a non toxic biotechnological remedy, combining a wetting agent and natural extracts. The interaction of various components kills 100% of the larvae inside the palm, prevents and treats palms pink rot with a long lasting remanent effect.

After many years of successful use in the treatment of ornamental palm trees in France (private use, communities, municipalities), the company created an industrial partnership with a well established laboratory in France and decided to launch  Palmrea X1 in order to solve the infestation problem faced by dates palms in the Middle East.

Through our privileged relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an alliance has naturally emerged to focus our efforts on large production sites and government facilities.

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