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In recent years, palm trees around the world are threatened by two parasites: a butterfly (Paysandisia archon) and a beetle (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) whose larvae eat the heart of the palm and cause its death in a few weeks or months. 


With the development of trade, parasites have appeared in recent years in many countries. The larvae of these insects bore galleries in the heart of the palm trees. Because of their size (up to more than 7cm) and their number (up to 150 in a single palm tree) they cause the inevitable death of palms in a time ranging from a few months to two years.



The cost of combating CRP (Red Palm Weevil) and PA (Paysandisia archon) over large areas is colossal for poor results.  Saudi Arabia, like all other countries infected, has spent millions of US dollars a year for 15 years, without preventing nearly total contamination of the country or halting the loss of thousands of date palms per year.


Spain has committed nearly 50 million euros over the last 10 years without probing results. Egypt is in a serious situation with 22 affected provinces out of 26. In Asia and Oceania, the losses suffered by oil palms and coconut trees amount to hundreds of millions of euros a year...



Yet the palm trade has quietly continued despite the infection of approximately 10% of their trees and a similar level of loss of production  .

To date, no treatment has made it possible to eradicate these parasites!


With the unefficiency of current treatments, the palm economy worldwide is under severe threat...

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