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The industrial production site is located 25 km from Auxerre, France.

The facility spreads on over 6 hectares and 10 000 m2 buildings which integrates in one site :

• A laboratory for analysis + Research and Development

• A production unit with multiple production lines

• A blowing unit for the production of bottles / containings

• Various lines of conditioning

The total production capacity of the plant  is 70 000 tons per year .

20 000 tons are currently dedicated to the production of PalmRea.

Yet, we can considerably increase our production based on market demands and regional

production will be implemented in time. With a capacity of 150 tons / day, adaptability is one of our strength.

Reactivity in our production capacity, storage and the versatility of our equipment allows us to respond quickly to commercial needs.

Production unit staff: 40 people covering the production, quality control, R&D, sourcing and lab control…

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